“As technical manager in automation companies, I have been designing, mounting, wiring and programming machines for the high-tech industry more than 10 years now.

When it comes to movements, I have been using a lot of linear axes from a lot of different manufacturers with success. Although some are good products, the more I was using linear axes, the more I wanted to create a linear axis system that will be better than anything that exists on the market today.

So, I ended up designing a linear axis system that would have everything I was looking for: functionality, quality, simplicity, modularity, reliability and performance, keeping in mind that it should deliver the lowest total cost of ownership for the customer. It is made of the lowest possible number of parts, with a huge focus on durability and maintainability.

It is fully designed by myself, machined by skilled people I know personally, and assembled in our own premises. This closeness at every step is for me the only way to ensure state-of-the-art manufacturing, and it has always been my engineering philosophy.”

Here comes SYZAX.

Thomas Burry, SYZAX creator.

SYSAX first prototype being tested and validated, June 2020
SYZAX first prototype being tested and validated, June 2020

SYZAX is marketed by OPUS SA.