SYZAX is designed to be the most simple, flexible and powerful linear axis system for automation. It offers a very high force / size ratio, great mechanical precision, with an extreme simplicity for wiring and assembling.

The SYZAX product range is available in 2 series: the compact version C and the heavy version H.

Total height for an axis is only 65 mm for compact series and 80 mm for heavy series, 130 mm for two compact XY axes and 160mm for two heavy XY axes. As standard, track length can be freely defined from 300 to 3000 mm by 1 mm step (longer lengths on request).

Axes can be assembled on each other using only a few screws and locating pins. Force compensation or protection bellows are available as options and can be retrofitted easily on existing axes.

SYZAX linear axis system

Rotation axis

XY table

Cantilever robot

Gantry robot

With pneumatic weight compensation, brake and protective bellows

The wide range of SYZAX products make it possible to create all imaginable cartesian robot configurations. Rotary modules complete the SYZAX linear range and offer additional flexibility.

SYZAX linear axes compact and heavy versions
SYZAX linear axis 33

General features - compact series

Handle-shaped stoppers for easy manipulation

Monoblock carriage, made of aeronautic grade aluminum with precise mounting references on every faces

Protected magnet track

Track mounting holes with protection caps

Monoblock track with precise mounting references

Water cooling inlets

Air / vacuum inlet

Rotatable single cable connector

Minimum space between carriage and track to avoid small parts contamination

Absolute encoder track integrated in linear rail

Visible encoder status LED (standard encoder only)

Oversized, high precision and quiet linear bearings: top acceleration, high rigidity, smooth running, long lifetime

Grease nipples mountable on 3 sides

General features - Heavy series (in addition to Compact series)

Track and carriages with increased sections for higher mechanical efforts and rigidity

Bearings available with double seals and/or scrapers for harsh environments

Oversized, high precision and quiet high rigidity cross roller bearings: highest rigidity and lifetime with smooth running