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With pneumatic weight compensation, brake and protective bellows

Compact, Powerful & Accurate

Modular & User Friendly

Cost effective

Ready for extreme conditions

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Compact, Powerful & Accurate

SYZAX is an axis system designed to be the most compact, modular, powerful and «user friendly» system for automation. It offers very high «force/size» ratio, great mechanical precision and an extreme simplicity for wiring and assembling.

SYZAX linear axis exploded

The monobloc and multifunctional carriage is one of the keys of the SYZAX compactness. The number of components constituting a module is minimalized.

SYZAX axis footprint

For a given stroke X and peak/continous force, the external dimensions of most of competing systems exceed in average the SYZAX dimensions by 10 to 30 %.

Cost effective

SYZAX emphasizes the concept of minimizing the number of components since the assembly of a multi-axis system requires a maximum of one additional part regardless of the configuration of the selected system.

SYZAX 4 axes
SYZAX exploded view 31

Axes can be natively assembled with only a few screws and locating pins. In addition, only one cable is necessary for the control of all functions of a module.

The cost of assembling and wiring multi-axis SYZAX systems is optimized to a minimum – consequently, their overall cost is among the most competitive on the market.

SYZAX Cost effective chart
Full cost comparison of a SYZAX multi-axis system

Modular & User friendly

SYZAX Cantilever
SYZAX modularity linear axis system
SYZAX Multiple cantilever

SYZAX makes it very easy to create the multi-axis system you need. The assembly and implementation of each system will be facilitated by a series of standard features and very smart options.

SYZAX module strokes are selectable mm per mm – track length up to 3 meters.

SYZAX Robot 3 axes with cable guides

Other modularity vectors

12 carriage versions

2 series (compact and heavy) with 6 carriage types each for 12 different peak forces.

The top solution for cartesian robots

Built-in assembling interfaces between axes

SYZAX Multiple carriers

Other user-friendliness vectors

No additional sensors needed

Absolute measuring system integrated, up to 0.1µm resolution.

Save time, space and avoid errors

Single cable wiring for power, position and temperature sensor.

Not only linear

Accurate and compact rotation modules available.

SYZAX rotary axis

Ready for extreme conditions

Why ready ?

SYZAX watercooling


Integrated water-cooling system to keep your machine cool and precise.

SYZAX inlet


SYZAX carriages are equipped with an air flow / vacuum inlet for its cleanliness.

SYZAX weight compensation and brake

Weight compensation and brake

Weight compensation cylinder - also to brake the axes.

SYZAX protective bellow

Protective bellow

In «dirty» environments the SYZAX linear axis can be equiped with protective bellows.

Design Support

Our SYZAX modules and multi-axis systems are delivered with mechanical, electrical and software support that makes the life of the integrators easier.

SYZAX linear axis system closes up

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