Wiring simplicity

Power, measure and temperature managed in a single hybrid cable, suitable for drag chains and cleanrooms. Connectors are rotatable to ease cable management.
SYZAX linear axis single cable wiring details
SYZAX single hybrid cable connector 2
SYZAX single hybrid cable 3
SYZAX single hybrid cable 2

If your application requires it, we can also provide a multiple cable connector, with power, measure and temperature running in separate cables (recommended for lengths above 10m, noisy environments or higher flexibility requirements), see both variants above.

Assembly simplicity of multi-axis systems

  • Built-in assembly interfaces between axes.
  • Axes can natively be assembled by a few screws and locating pins.
  • Gantry and cantilever 3 axes robots only need one additional part.
SYZAX 4 axes


Grease nipples can be mounted on 3 different sides for every linear bearing. This is particularly useful for keeping an easy access to the nipples when using protective bellows, or to create a centralized greasing system. Just remove the headless screw on the desired position and place an M6 grease nipple (provided on request).

SYZAX greasing axis