Compact: module

Excepting the stoppers, the SYZAX modules only have 2 machined parts! The well-thought-out design of these 2 parts allows the integration of all the module functions. Thus, each module is very compact and the moving mass is minimized.
SYZAX axis footprint

Compact: multiaxis systems

Example for a cantilever 3 axes robot:

This compactness feature is also valid for multi-axis systems such as XY tables or cartesian robots built using SYZAX modules:

  • SYZAX XY-Tables are mounted only with some screws and positionning pins.
  • The assembly of SYZAX cartesian robots only needs one additional connecting parts.
SYZAX 3 axes
SYZAX 3 axes 2


A induced consequence of the module compactness is the extremely high ratio “Force/External dimensions”. For a given stroke X and peak/continous force, the external dimensions of most of competing systems exceed in average the SYZAX dimensions by 10 to 30 %.


SYZAX modules are available with 3 types of encoders that differ in resolution (0.25, 0.5 and 0.1 µm) and performance. Depending on the type of chosen encoders, the resulting accuracy after axis mapping varies up to 3 µm/m, with a short range accuracy of up to 0.1 µm/mm for the finest encoder.

Each module in the SYZAX series has a water cooling circuit. For cases with thermal constraints, this function keeps the temperature under control and ensures compliance with the announced specifications.

See all the technical characteristics of the axes: repeatability, precision, forces, on our technical document.